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Are you drowning in the sea of Market Research? Struggling to determine where best to put your efforts into marketing your business, who to ask the important questions to, and what questions to ask them? 

We’re here to help you navigate the complexities of Market Research, ask the right respondents the right questions and turn raw information into actionable knowledge, on projects of all shapes, sizes and complexities.

Whatever the subject, we can plan and implement your Market Research, from initial brief to final presentation and everything in-between.

Our Services

You may have access to a ready made sample of respondents (customers, employees, students, members, etc.), so we can recruit and manage your research panel for you.

If you’re lacking access to current clients, we work with some of the best international panel providers that can source respondents in almost all global markets, from a huge variety of industries and in every demographic.


Our Survey Design and Scripting service empowers us to collect valuable data effortlessly. Tailored to your unique needs this will turn data into decisions which will help drive your goals.

Cross Tabulations

Our Cross-Tabulations will turn the data into actionable insights. Seamlessly analyse and visualise complex data relationships with precision driving smarter decisions.


Our expert team specialise in coding open-ended responses from surveys and interviews. We transform unstructured text into valuable insights, helping you understand customer sentiments and emerging themes.

Data Entry

Streamline your operations with our expert Data Entry service, you can trust us to handle your data with precision, so you can focus on what matters most.


Unlock global insights with our translation service. Break language barriers and access diverse markets effortlessly. Our translators ensure accuracy and cultural nuance, delivering valuable data for informed decision.

Adverse Event Checking

Ensure pharmaceutical safety and compliance with our adverse events checking service. We meticulously analyse your data, providing you with crucial insights. Stay ahead of regulatory requirements and enhance patient well-being.

Pharma verbatim Coding

Elevate your pharmaceutical market research with our Open-End Coding service. Our experts meticulously analyse open-ended responses, unveiling invaluable insights from both HCP and patient surveys. Gain a deeper understanding of sentiments, emerging trends, and product improvements.

Data Integrity Quality

Ensure data integrity with our Data Quality Checking service. We meticulously review, validate, and clean your research data, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability. Rectify inconsistencies, errors, and outliers swiftly. Elevate the credibility of your findings and make informed decisions with confidence.

What Makes Us Different?

certified & experienced

With more than twenty years experience your project could not be in better hands. We are a Market Research Society Partner company and members of the BHBIA. All of our coders are certified in Adverse Events, Ethics of Market Research and we hold certification from a number of the largest healthcare companies.

customer satisfaction

We prioritize your success by delivering top-tier Market Research & data processing. Our dedicated team ensures accuracy, timeliness, and a personalised approach. We listen to your needs, adapt to evolving requirements, and provide transparent communication. This commitment to excellence consistently earns us high customer satisfaction ratings.

Affordable rates

Unlock cost-efficiency without compromising quality. Our service offers the most competitive rates in the industry. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and streamlined processes, we minimise overheads and pass the savings to you, ensuring your research budget stretches further.

Environmentally friendly

We prioritise the planet in our practices. Our eco-conscious approach minimises paper usage, reduces carbon emissions through remote work, and employs sustainable data storage solutions.

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No Job Is Too Small
Or too big

Size doesn’t limit our dedication. Whether it’s a large or small-scale market research project, we approach each job with the same commitment and precision. 

Our flexible research options & data processing solutions adapt to your needs, ensuring quality and efficiency no matter the project size. 

Trust us to handle your market research project, big or small, and experience excellence in every detail.

What Our Clients Say

CDS provide us with an excellent service, not only in terms of accuracy and quality of the outputs, but also their customer service is outstanding. No requests are too much trouble, and they always deliver on time at competitive prices. CDS really does take full responsibility for our coding, allowing us to focus on other things.
Juanita Jackson. Operations Director, Adelphi Group.
Always a pleasure partnering with you, both because of your flexibility to meet challenging deadlines and your proactive input to answer critical business questions and shape research findings.
Jas Gill. Senior Analytics Executive, HRW Healthcare.
I am regularly surprised with how well Cheshire Data Services are able to turn around work quickly for us, and it’s always to a high standard. They always think carefully about the meaning of what they are inputting, rather than just taking it at face value, and they’re great at spotting potential issues in advance, which avoids bigger issues further down the line.
Jack Melton Bradley. Research Manager, Mustard Research.

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