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About Us

Does your market research project need that extra attention to detail?

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We can take care of any one or all parts of your research project including data collection, verbatim coding, data entry and final tables.

We founded in 2006 and since then have been helping clients from all around the world transform the way they collect and analyse market research data, giving 100% to ensure they get the best out of the project brief. We understand that every research project is unique and work with clients to tailor our services to their precise requirements.

We've worked with a wide range of companies, from small boutique consultancies to some of the UK's largest agencies. We understand the importance of getting it right first time, on time, every time.

Our people are gold and key to our success. Great team work drives our exceptional delivery. Our resources are structured to ensure we can be responsive to our clients high demands and tight deadlines.

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Our main areas of expertise but do let us know if you have any other requirements


Open End Coding

Our researchers are professional, knowledgeable and experienced in all areas of consumer coding.
We have worked on projects for many of the large media, supermarket and automotive brands including Sainsburys', BBC and Volkswagen.



We have access to some of the best translators in the world and offer translation across a multitude of sectors in all major languages.


Pharmaceutical Coding

Our coders have all held senior positions within the pharmaceutical research sector, enabling us to offer a value-added coding service that is unique. All of our coders are members of the BHBIA and have acquired certificates in both ethical & legal guidelines and adverse event reporting.


Survey Design & Host

We can program a survey to your specifications or advise on styles that would be most effective for your research. We have a mobile first approach meaning the survey adapts to fit the device screen giving the respondent an app like experience. We can update you on survey progress or provide you with a personalised log-in so that you can check progress at your convenience.


Data Entry

We have the capacity and expertise to process any type of data, typed or handwritten, into any format. Our team will check the validity of responses and report any issues to you so that it can be amended, making sure that the data you receive is clean and accurate. Our quality control and auditing procedures can yield a minimum accuracy/error free rate of 99.99% depending on your requirements.



We use industry leading software MRDCL for our cross tabulation, this is the most powerful and advanced scripting language for survey analysis. MRDCL can quickly handle data sets from just a few, to hundreds of thousands of respondents. The tabulations are typically provided to you in Excel with a personalised hyperlink content page, or can be exported in all major formats such as Word, PDF or custom formats.

Need some help?

If you would like to discuss a forthcoming project or ask us to quote for one or all parts of your data processing then please get in touch.


Why choose us?

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We are fully GDPR compliant so whether it's data entry, processing forms, consolidating or digitizing customer data or delivering industry and market research we guarantee the security and confidentiality of our clients information.

Being independent means we can work flexibly to suit your needs, liaising with you as much or as little as required.

Our experience and skills encompass a wide range of sectors, experts in providing all aspects of data processing for both the Pharmaceutical and Consumer industry we will stick to your timescales, and more importantly your budget.

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